Brawl Stars have twenty-two characters that you can play with to unleash absolute chaos on the battlefield. Every character comes with his or her abilities and skills.

So, which one is your best bet when winning a solo game or when your team plays? Which one will be able to guarantee a win at the battlefield? Read on to find out more!

When playing on your own

Your best bet would be to use brawlers who call a pet when you are playing all on your own. This is the kind of character who does not come with a super attacking skill which they can activate and use.

However, they are able to call their pet into the battleground. You will not be able to control the pet directly and it will attack the enemy that is closest to it. So, the long and short of it is that you become an army of two.

Nita is your best choice to use in this category. You get to unlock her right at the start of the game, and with her you get a bear that inflicts four hundred damages on each attack and has four thousand health points. Nita is a great choice when a solo player wants to unleash complete chaos on the battlefield.

When playing as a team

For the ones playing with friends as a team, it is important to pay close attention to the role distributions as explained above. Every team gets to have three brawlers and every brawler has a particular role to play.

So, you need to select a damage dealer, a healer, and a tank. It is recommended that you select the brawler who is the closest to your style of gameplay.

However, following are a few recommendations from us that you can follow.

  • Bull is your best bet when you are just starting the game. It is good enough to help you collect two hundred and fifty trophies for unlocking him. Bull will come in handy even more when you gain access to high-end tanks such as El Primo
  • You should choose Brock as the ranged damage dealer. This is the kind of brawler who is useful for kiting strategies. So, when you think of it in this situation, Brock is the finest ranged damage dealer whom you can begin using in a short time.
  • Following these recommendations will help you unlock Poco as the first healer. You will get to play with Poco till Pam comes up.

Keep in mind that these are merely recommendations and the final decision rests upon your skills and abilities. For instance, if you are not fast enough with your fingers, a tank might be more suited to you.

If you have great hand-eye coordination, you can opt for a melee damage dealer. There is no such thing as the best brawler because each one of them has their own abilities, and even each player has his own strengths.