A simulation game is basically the one that lets you get through a number of general activities for seeking rewards. Now, the sound of that might make you feel that it’s just a bunch of repetitive tasks with nothing to hold your attention for a long time.

But, trust us, it is anything but boring! Countless simulation game enthusiasts all around the world is proof enough of that fact. After all, it is almost like your daily life but with way more twists and turns at every corner. Still wondering what makes simulation games so popular? Here are the four reasons why!

There are loads of things to do

There are so many things to do and so many targets to achieve in these simulation games. For instance, think of the farming game called Harvest Moon.

Here, you will have to grow plants, raise farm animals, sell your produce in the market, and even get married! In fact, some of the games also present a survival scenario. So, it is not like the players are doing the same things again and again.

The rewards are highly satisfying

The scenarios in these games, such as selling the crops, raising your farm animals, and the likes, will not change with the fluctuating market prices or political conditions.

Moreover, the rewards that you get are highly satisfying in themselves. So, for example, when you grow the crops, you get to eat and your farm flourishes.

The rewards makes it easier to survive and live in the game, which in itself makes a player want to keep moving forward.

The touch of fantasy to keep things interesting

Who doesn’t want a touch of fantasy in their lives? Well, if not in real life, these games make it possible to bring in that dash of fantasy. So, the daily life in a game like The Sims is almost like our daily lives.

But, the makers also bring in elements like the Cow Plant, the Grim Reaper, and more, to keep things interesting.

There is no dearth of addictiveness in the game

If you think that simulation games are not addictive, then you are grossly mistaken. It is not like they are any less addictive than the action games. After all, the players always try to accomplish the next target in the game, just as those MOBA games.

And, with every new target come new responsibilities, better rewards, and more possibilities. It can be waiting to see your next gen in The Sims or unlocking power boosters and better tools in the Farmland.

More work might not mean more money in the real world, but in the simulation games that is the rule of the day.

So, have you ever actually tried playing a simulation game? Or, has all the misconceptions about these games kept you away from it till now? Play it now and see it for yourself. You will definitely agree with all the four reasons that have been mentioned above.