What does a video game enthusiast do when he buys a new iPhone? Looks for new games to download, of course! So, are you also searching for some really cool games to start playing on your device?

Take a look at these five games that have made all the right noises and earned popularity this year. Here’s a brief overview of the five trending iPhone games of the year.

1. Fortnight

If Blizzard hadn’t come up with PUBG, then this game is what you would have wanted to remain hooked on to. The game offers weekly updates that include new challenges, gaming modes, and weapons, which makes the game become better than ever almost every week!

For the ones looking for good action-adventure games, the Fortnight is the right choice. The mobile version allows you to carry the items from your PC and console versions.

2. Donut County

Donut County won this year because of the sheer uniqueness that it has. It’s an amazing combination of puzzles, mysteries, flashbacks, and gripping narrative that will keep you hooked till the end.

The gameplay is highly challenging and deeply satisfying, and the storyline and characters make it even more interesting. There’s a sly allegory to the political climate of today that you would love, as well. There’s never a moment to sleep when you’re in the Donut County.

3. Reigns

Reigns begins by crowning you the king and then you will have to take your own decisions by swiping right or left (a lot like Tinder!). Almost all the decisions you take will lead you to your untimely death, till you figure out the ones that will help you stay alive.

It is all about balancing your responsibilities for the kingdom, your greed, and the demands of the military and the church.

4. The Witness

This beautifully designed and highly challenging game made all the right noises his year. If you are the kind of gamer who loves mystery games, then The Witness will not disappoint you. There are more than five hundred puzzles to solve and you get a huge island for exploring.

You will wake up on a mysterious island and the puzzles are your clue to understand the actual reason behind finding yourself stranded in there. The puzzles have levels, and some are easy while others will take some time to solve.

5. Hearthstone

You cannot move past Hearthstone if you are looking for a cool card game. This is another one of the amazing offerings from Blizzard, and it comes with all the shine and polish that the game is associated with.

It offers options for both multiplayer and single player games. It is a highly versatile game that will keep you engrossed for a long time with its many features and challenges.

Now that you understand the basic premise of these top five games of the year, what are you waiting for? Start downloading these from the Apple Store. Bring out the gamer in you and play till you win. Good Luck!