Ah! Football. The game that no one can ever hate. It is one of the most beautiful sports in the world that connects us to our souls. The spiritual connection we, football fans hold for the game is unmatchable.

Maybe that is the reason why we never get bored playing the game, even if that is a video game. We can play the game on the field, and our devices for hours without getting tired or bored as well. 

So, here we are today, with some of our best football video games for those who have given their everything to the game. Try these fantastic games to pass the time, or play it professionally, these are the best football games you will ever play. Try these games today.

The top 5 most fantastic football games any football fan will love:

  • Pro Evolution Soccer: The fight between EA fans and Konami fans about which one is the best football game ever made is never going to stop. So we are not making this list in a particular order. KONAMI came up with Pro Evolution Soccer because they wanted to end the superiority of EA in the sports video gaming industry, more precisely the football video gaming industry. With better graphics than EA’s FIFA, the Pro Evolution Soccer, more widely known as PES, is one of the best football games that has a 9.2 out of 10 IGN score.
  • Sensible Soccer: Sensible Soccer has a very loyal fanbase despite being an old game. With the cult fan following it has the game became an inevitable entry in the top 5 most excellent football games football fans go crazy about. Launched in the 1990s, the top zoomed-out bird eye view makes the game one of the top 100 video games of all time. The game is a remarkable stepping-stone in the history of football-related video games. Every football lover or gamer should play this cult football video game at some point in their life.
  • FIFA Online: FIFA Online is still one of the most loved games from gamers and football fans. This only-online version of EA’s one of the most beloved sports video games ever worldwide is very famous in the regions of Asia. This amazing FIFA video game uses the FIFA 13’s impact Engine; it is the most significant graphics version on a very small size. It offers a lot of game-modes to the users. FIFA online is currently available for different players. Check out this amazing game. Try it today.
  • FIFA: EA’s most loved sports-related video game worldwide. A lot of people play this game worldwide; those people love to give you the best gameplay for a football video game. Launched in 1993, FIFA was never the first preference for gamers with the heavyweight sporting games ruling the market. However, when they sneaked into the industry, FIFA became one of the most loved and most played football video games by EA Sports. Flaunt your skills, play a career as a manager or as your favourite player, score some unimaginable goals. You must try this one if you are a football fan.
  • Football Manager: This one is a career mode game where you can select your team, train the players, buy or sell players from the team. Make the strongest team you can, and then you compete in the respective leagues your team is playing in. This is one of the best games for those who loves managing their favourite team.

So these are the best football video games that you can try. Check these games, try playing them. Enjoy your time. Happy gaming.