The developers are focusing on multiplayer more these days than at any other time. This means that the demand for multiplayer games is increasing.

With this, the games are also growing that offers gamers the option of playing with their mates. The multiplayer game lovers should not worry!

Profiled below are the three top multiplayer games that you should get hold of and initiate the game with your fellow mates right away! 


The three-dimensional characters and the frantic combat is the next best thing you should do with your mates if you all are the game lovers. Your squadmates and you can now download this free game and enjoy the ambiance of Titanfall.

The vast yet accessible deathmatch is what the Apex Legends gives you. The player you select in the game has different and valuable abilities that will help you put down your opponent and win the game.

The art style offered in the game is the next level, and you being the last squad is what you will be battling for throughout the game. The game requires you to speak to your team players and guide them and get the tricks from the players to win the battle.

The ping feature in the game allows you to contact your teammate and inform him of your intentions to win the game. 

2: FIFA 19

In the football sim, FIFA 19 multiplayer is the best game of all. You can complete with the teams online from around the world and enjoy the game on a global level.

The feature of FIFA ultimate team, also known as FUT, will make you go crazy for the football game, and you will love how you make the super team with the best players in it with you.

With the fantastic presentation, you can play custom games such as the survival match and the two-leg Champions league. You can also make the FIFA ID, after which you can easily track down the matches you play from anywhere you log in. The game offers the soccer simulation fans are looking for since the FIFA 18 release. 


Either you are in the air or on the ground, you have complete control over your car when you are playing the Rocket League. With various game modes, this game is the best for a multiplayer gamer.

You can reach the breakneck speed with the rocket booster topped up with powerslide and double flip. The game requires an upper level of coordination and communication with the team players.

This game is cars with footballs, what else do you need to have fun with your squadmates. The pick-up-and-play easy game offers seasonal cosmetic rewards too. 

Get hold of the above games and start playing them with your mates to enjoy the multiplayer games to the fullest. Do not bother to search for the top games for multiplayer. Just read the article and collect your team members to have fun!