Many games are present on android phones. If one starts to decide what to play, picking up the best one becomes a challenge for the game lovers. The games that provide an experience that is entertaining are the ones that become popular in no time.

Profiled below is a list of the games that became popular this year. The picks that we provide are the best android games that are available currently, and most of them are either free or only cost a few bucks.

The games we have selected are from different genres so that it becomes easy for you to pick the one you like the most. 

1: Call Of Duty

The game is designed for firefights that are a touchscreen. If you are a fan of shooter action, then this game is a must on your phone. It features multiplayer modes with an option of customization of the load-outs. Call of Duty has frenetic and entertaining gameplay that has incredible graphics to make it one of the best android games this year. 

2: Vectronom 

The puzzle game Vectronom is one of the best android games that has become popular in no time! The games depend on the player’s tactics to let the movement of the cube follow the rhythm. Vectronom has 31 levels, each of which becomes challenging as you go up the scale. 

3: Dead Trigger 2

A zombie game is what everyone likes these days. With the classic zombie fights, this game is fun and has a decent yet entertaining story. With the large variety of weapons offered to the players, the game is truly addictive, and you won’t put your hand off of the mobile until you complete the levels. 

4: Second Galaxy 

The open sci-fi world is what you will see in this game. With the galaxies you will explore, this game is a must-play on your android phone.

The galaxy that you explore has dark matter, stars, planets, and many other surprises. It is your wish to be a transporter, a merchant, or a bodyguard. The game allows you to interact with the real-world players and trade with them. 

5: Pac-man 

Though old flame still the favorite of many game lovers out there, with the new upgrades and fresh look, Pac-man remains one of the best games and the popular one too. The classic arcade is what the game lovers look for when they download this game! 

6: Breaking bad 

Building your meth lab and protecting yourself against the rivals is what you will do in this game. The more you grow your lab, the more money you will make, and the more powerful you will be.

Any fan of the Breaking Bad tv show will appreciate this game. With popularity, this game is a bit aggressive but loved by many android gamers. 

7: Trivia Crack 2

With the popularity of the debut game, trivia crack two returns with some new features. 

The entertaining features include twenty different languages the game is offered in and the competitive online modes. With thousands of new questions to challenge, this game is a popular one this year. 

The lists add up as we go down the lane, but for now, enjoy the best games that became popular this year.