Among the top-rated gaming consoles behind, the Xbox One X can be considered as the greatest one. For the game lovers, it is a lot more they can expect to get from a gaming console.

This is something exciting both for the newbies and the ones who are fond of Xbox One console for long. There are plenty of exciting features to get access to the latest version. Make the most of the greatest gaming console to enjoy every bit of playing through it.

Ease of file transfer from Xbox One to Xbox One X

With Xbox One or Xbox One S, it is easy to upgrade it to its latest version. This can be done from the option that is given at the bottom of the dashboard named ‘Get ready for Xbox One X.’ As you click on the link, you will be directed to change settings, and it allows you to pre-download 4K level patches for your games.

Also, it enables us to start a new network of file transfer of important files of the game. To make the transfer and easy one, you can also use an external drive.

Make sure to have the latest enhanced game patches

Xbox One X has the capability to play the latest games with better graphics version, fast loading time, and frame rate, and therefore, you can play the games in its updated version. For this, you have to check from the list of games to know which one requires an update.

Even from the “My Games and Apps’ option, you can get access to the list of games. Use filter so that you can see only the games patches for Xbox One X will be shown.

Using an HDR-enabled cable with TV

To make the most use of Xbox One X, a 1080p full HD television is enough.  But to get the best performance in the best resolution, it is better to use a 4K HDR television. Even with this TV, make sure that HDR can be used with an HDMI port that is compatible to work with Xbox One X.

Getting access to features like Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos

For quality and surrounding sound, download the Dolby Access app that will ensure that you get quality sound for movies and games. The app is easy to install, and to get the real feel of the Dolby sounds, use headphones.

To get Dolby vision, your TV should be supporting this. You have to make changes from the settings. From display and sound options, change the video mode to Dolby vision to play the games in the best quality videos.

Maximize storage space

With 1 TB in-built storage space, some extra space may be required as the in-built space may fill up soon. To expand the space, connect the gaming console with an external hard drive. Therefore, you can extend the internal space to 2 TB and more as per requirement. If you capture game footage in 4K HDR, you may require extra space on the gaming console.