Guitar Hero is a music video game that is a favorite of many game lovers. Nobody from the music industry expected this game to be the number one music video game.

With the plastic guitars, epic hooks, and new and old songs, Guitar Hero has become an industry itself raking in $2.3 billion in the last three years. Not only this, the success of the Guitar Hero is now a piece of exciting news for the music world too.

Many songs that were never heard before have been blown a new life by the game only. The game helped popularize many songs, and now it is becoming an evident outlet for distribution for the latest releases. Here is a list of a few songs that were not even half as big as they are now because of being a part of Guitar Hero. 

1: FREE BIRD – Lynyrd Skynyrd 

The song free bird was the one released with no one listening to it. But after it became a part of Guitar Hero II in 2006, there was a whole new audience to this song! Name the people, and everyone knew already about this song! Amongst which, its fret-board dancing solo is the one that makes the track hit every time you hear it! 


No one even knew who and what dragon force. But right after it became a song that one could play on Guitar Hero III, it started to slay in the music industry too. The seven-minute song with shred sections and fast scales one has to play the video game gave a huge listening to this song around the world. 

3: 21st CENTURY SCHIZOID MAN – King Crimson

Guitar Hero became famous within no time. With this, it started to add more songs that could make the players have a full band. A band with lead guitarist, bass guitarist, drums, and vocals is what they were looking for in the Guitar Hero V series. To test this new idea, they added King Crimson’s 21st-century schizoid man. The song was all over the game and sung by everyone! 

4: JORDAN – Buckethead

Everyone knows Buckethead, Yeah? The man with a bucket of KFC on his head and plays guitar! Yes, he is the one you will see in Guitar Hero II.

Buckethead decided to release his new track Jordan on Guitar Hero. The success it got after being another round to play on Guitar Hero led Buckethead to say that it was the best song he ever recorded! 

This is just a little one! There can be many added to these songs that were a hit only after they were played in the video game Guitar Hero.

The list includes songs like Sex on Fire and The Wire that are the smash hits of Guitar Hero! The game founder Activision always looks for the targets and releases those songs in the game! Woo Haa! The song becomes a hit in no time!