The Nintendo Switch has complete changed the video gaming experience at home ever since its launch in 2016. Hook it up to your TV for a console like feel or detach it for mobile gaming: the fun never has to stop.

For the fans of Nintendo 3DS, the Switch is nothing short of a gift from Wii U. But, do you know all the tricks through which you can make the most out of your gaming experience on the Switch? Here’s presenting the top five Nintendo Switch tricks that you need to have up your sleeve.

Expand the storage space

The Switch is full of amazing features, but its storage space, unfortunately, is not one of them. It has 32GB of in-built storage which falls short of what is required. In fact, after the OS, you have just 26GB left for the games.

Games like Super Mario Odyssey and Dragon Quest need way more space than that. So, go ahead and get a microSD card with enough storage space. Yes, the Nintendo Switch can accept huge microSD cards, to the extent of 256GB and more.

Get that pro controller

Technically, getting a pro controller is optional, but it will do you a world of good to get one. You will thank us for this advice when you play those marathons gaming sessions.

The controller makes it easy to operate and it is gentler on your joints compared to the Joy-Con you get. Besides, the look and feel of the pro controller brings more of a console like feel to your gaming experience.

Use those screenshots

There’s a button on the left of your Joy-Con that lets you take screenshots. This is a fun feature because you can show these screenshots to your friends to boast of your progress.

The main menu has an album section where the screenshots can be arranged or deleted. Even better: you can make memes out of it to post them on social media!

Close the games before you change cards

Before taking the card out from the back, make sure that you close the game down. Suppose, you whipped out ‘Zelda’ and just put in ‘Dance 2017’ without closing the first game, you will lose your progress in the game.

You will have to start from the beginning again, as tedious as it might sound. So, press the ‘X’ over your last game, choose yes to the option of closing it, and take out the card.

Save the battery life

The battery life lasts for four to six hours after taking it off the dock. But, there’s a simple way to push it a bit further. Disable all the features that you do not need at that time. In fact, turn off the Wi-Fi if not needed and play on Airplane Mode.

So, how many of these tricks have you used yet? Did you say none? Go ahead and use them now to make the most out of your Switch experience.