It is perfectly all right to be called a beginner. Either you are a beginner at a musical instrument playing or playing a game like Call of Duty. Either of them requires the player to be a beginner at first and then slowly master the skills to be a pro at it. This article will help you be a pro for the latter. 

Black Ops 3, Call of Duty, is an experience that is rapid moving topped up with weapons and different maps to ace. It is perfectly acceptable to play as a beginner even when you have to play against the players who have a vast experience in the game. Let’s dive into the tips to master the game and win it! 

1: Set your controller sensitivity 

Controlling the controller is the essential thing you should focus on being a beginner. To aim entirely, you need to be comfortable with the sensitivity of your controller. You can start with a five and then roll down to 4 or maybe roll up and check where you feel comfortable the most with your controller sensitivity. 

2: Aim your target 

After the sensitivity is under control, the next step to master Black ops 3 is your aim! 

Black ops 3 is pretty fast, and if you are not able to aim correctly, you can end in death instead of killing! You can set up an empty custom game and start your aiming practice right away! Run around, make your targets, and aim at particular targets to workout and be perfect! 

3: What you play matters not your stats

Many beginners focus on the stats shown on the ratio of death and kill usually. Do not focus on stats; rather, focus on playing. Playing and giving your best in every game is more important than what is seen on screen as your ratio. 

4: Learn the maps 

Mastering the maps will allow you to take different routes and corners, given the game verticality. Learning the maps will make you feel confident in enlivening your game. You can quickly check out the edges and stay alive in case of emergencies. 

5: Stay alert with your ears open 

Call of Duty Black Ops III game is one of the games that requires you to stay alert and listen to the footsteps of your enemy and locate their position. Get the proper headphones to listen to that enemy who is sneaking up on you to give you a surprise attack. 

6: Master the skills of jumping, sliding, and wall running

While you are flying through the air, jumping, and sliding makes it more difficult to hit than running on the ground. The dives you make will allow you to astray the target of your enemy. 

If you master the above tips, you will soon be a pro in the Call of Duty Black Ops 3. Not only will you learn it, but you will also enjoy winning the game, and seeing the stats will now make you happy rather than frustrating.