If you are planning to buy PlayStation 4 Pro, knowing about some facts will help you make the right investment. PlayStation 4 Pro has taken over its existing version. Take a glance at the amazing tricks that the latest PlayStation edition allows to do when playing through it.

Managing friends and typing faster when playing

When streaming PS4 games connected with your computer, it is easy to manage friends. Also, on the PS4 keyboard, it becomes easy to type your login credentials with the help of motion control. This is also possible when you use the PS4 app on your mobile device. To be able to type on the screen when using the app, you have to follow the prompts that come on the screen. It shall help to control the options better.

Besides, chat while playing with your friends. Yes, you can get access to chat party while playing PS4. The chat group can be created by picking friends from the list as per your choice. You can choose online friends.    

Easy sharing of videos and screenshots

Taking screenshots often has become a common thing and you can take screenshots of gaming moments and share it with your friends when playing PS4. With this fantastic feature in the latest version of the app, you can even share videos with other players or friends via PS4. Just by clicking on the ‘share’ button followed by some easy steps, you can share screenshots. By clicking on the ‘easy screenshots’, sharing becomes easy. By syncing Facebook and other accounts, you can easily share the screenshot or video via different social media platforms.

Using TV with PS4 and the ability to save games

You can play PS4 on your TV. This setup can be done by simply pressing the PlayStation button that comes on the DualShock 4. Following this, from the settings option, you have to enable HDMI device link option under ‘systems.’ By doing this, you can easily connect PS4 with your TV. Also, you can save the games of your choice to the Cloud, unlike the previous version of PlayStation. It shall help you if you tend to lose your favourite console of games. So, from the settings option, click on ‘Application Saved data management’ option, you can upload the saved games to the cloud. Other than this, you can also take-up of the games using a USB drive.   

Wrapping it up

Therefore, other than the above mentioned things, you can stream PS4 on our PC run on Windows and Mac. Just by connecting DualShock 4 with your computer, you are ready to play using your PS4. So, with all these amazing features to avail, it is worthy that you invest in the latest version. Check out what the hidden settings and menus have to offer when playing via PS4. There are a lot more fun features waiting to be unfolded as you start playing PS4.